InstaGroup's Quality & Environmental Policy

Jerry Robson Large Insta Group Holdings Limited was established in 1980 and provides a specialist service to the energy efficiency, house building and construction industries which includes: the supply and installation of cavity wall and loft insulation; specialist insulation for park homes and houses with solid walls; the supply and fix of acoustic insulation systems; the supply of insulation materials and installation equipment and associated technical and energy advice; the supply of environmentally friendly flooring underlays, carpet tiles and sports floor systems: Installation of heating and hot water systems, gas boilers, vented and unvented hot water systems, heat pumps, solar thermal and photovoltaic, maintenance and servicing of these systems.

Collectively we take our commitment to our customers seriously with regard to our standards of service, quality, value and contract completion. We also commit to being a socially responsible organisation with respect to the impact our actions have on the environment. Rubber crumb, from recycled tyres, is a primary component of our acoustic and sports floor systems, our carpet tiling and our flooring underlays, while our timber components are obtained from sustainable sources. All of our mineral fibre insulation materials contain the highest possible level of recycled material.

To build upon our success in developing skills and technology to support our objective to continually improve quality and environmental performance, we have established an integrated management system. This focuses on quality, environmental and health and safety management and applies as a catalyst to the international standards ISO9001 for quality management and ISO14001 to address environmental controls.

This policy identifies the intent of the business in realising the integrated management system and is supported by the following:

  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements to which we subscribe
  • Identify objectives relevant to both quality and environmental management
  • Determine controls that will prevent our activities having any significant impact on pollution
  • Determine opportunities to generate a positive impact on the environment by supporting our customers in improving their environmental performance and in achieving energy savings

We have a primary Group objective to maintain and continually improve our management system through a programme of management audits, reviews and improvement targets.

The success of this policy rests with the commitment of all personnel within the Group and my support can be relied upon. The integrated management system is actively communicated to all our employees and to people working for, or on behalf of, the Group. It is also made available to other interested parties on request and through publication on our website.

Jerry Robson

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