Solar Panels and Storage

InstaGroup’s range of solar technology includes solar panels and solar batteries. There are currently 2 very different types of solar panels available, these are Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) and Solar Thermal, and we are accredited to install both types.

You will instantly start saving on your electricity bills with a new solar PV installation and you can also earn an additional income through the Government’s Feed-In Tariff Scheme. This allows any surplus energy to be returned to the national grid earning you payment, as well as receiving payments for the energy you use yourself. Those who decide to have solar panels installed and are able to benefit from the Feed-In Tariff could save and earn up to a combined total of £320* per year.

For all Solar PV panel installations, our very own high quality InstaGen solar panels are used. These are accompanied by a 12 Year Warranty.

Combining solar PV panels with solar storage enables you to generate and store energy with ease and our solar batteries can be installed alongside an existing solar array or as part of a new solar PV installation. Plus the batteries InstaGroup recommend do not impact on your Feed-In Tariff payments.

*This is based on a 4kWp system being installed between January 1st, 2017 – March 31st, 2017 in London. This information was taken from

Solar Batteries

Solar storage is relatively new technology and is becoming more and more popular all of the time. Solar batteries allow you to store up any surplus energy that your solar panels create, ready to use at a later time. InstaGroup offer two types of solar batteries - Lithium-ion and Lead-Acid. Both of these batteries enable you to lower your carbon emissions, decrease your energy bills and still benefit from the Feed-In Tariff.

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Solar PV Panels

Solar power systems are one of many renewable energy systems which allow you to generate electricity and reduce your energy bills. InstaGroup installers are accredited to install these systems.

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