Effective insulation for commercial buildings

Insulating offices, workshops and warehouses can present certain challenges, particularly in those hard to reach areas. Foam-based insulation provides an ideal practical solution and InstaFoam is the natural choice.

For the environmentally aware business, which appreciates that effective insulation plays a vital role in reducing both its energy costs and its carbon footprint, InstaFoam is an extremely effective, environmentally friendly system. A sealed thermal envelope makes a building more energy efficient, healthier, comfortable and durable than traditionally insulated structures.


  • Rapid easy installation requiring minimal access
  • Avoids disruption to your business
  • Provides a sealed, fully insulated, thermal envelope
  • Improves energy efficiency and soundproofing
  • Reduces your fuel costs and carbon footprint
  • Uses bio-renewables and sustainably sourced castor oil
  • Water blown rather than using chemical propellants
  • Completely free of formaldehyde
  • It is compatible with all building materials
  • Does not settle or disintegrate over time
  • Provides no food value for rodents or insects
  • It is inert and does not support mould or fungi
  • Will not burn and is Class 1 fire rated
  • Maintains its properties throughout the life of the building

High Volume Areas

InstaFoam is a bio-based polyurethane spray that helps to reduce the environmental impact of commercial structures by sealing and insulating in one step. InstaFoam is quick and easy to install, with a water blown spray application that makes it ideal for hard to reach areas, and rapidly expands to 100 times its original size, filling every corner to create a tight seal that prevents heat escaping and moisture entering.

InstaFoam sticks to any clean, dry surface, even the underside of the flooring. It will not settle or disintegrate over time and does not provide a food source for mould or pests. This means it will last for the lifetime of your building but remains soft, allowing electricians to install new wiring if required. It also presents no fire risk, being Class 1 fire rated, as flame retardants are added to the product to ensure that it meets or exceeds the applicable building code requirements for this type of product.