Meet the Team


    Jerry Robson (Group Chairman)

    Jerry founded the InstaGroup in 1980 and held the positions of Managing Director and Chairman from then until August 2006. Since 2006, Jerry has retained the company Chairmanship, but Paul and David Robson have taken over the Managing Directorship's of InstaCoustic Ltd and InstaGroup Ltd respectively. 

    Guiding Motto: Always treat everybody as you expect to be treated yourself
    Favourite Pastime: Golf
    Favourite Book: Birdsong by Sebastian Foulkes
    Faviourite Listening: The Entertainer
    Favourite Film: Dr No
    Favourite Stage Show: Barnum

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    Paul Robson (Managing Director - InstaCoustic Ltd)

    Paul joined InstaGroup in 2002 as Commercial Manager, InstaCoustic Ltd and in 2011 was appointed Managing Director of InstaCoustic Ltd. He is responsible for the day to day running and strategic direction of the InstaFloor and InstaCoustic businesses.

    After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with an honours degree in Environmental Geology, Paul spent some time travelling the world.

    Then, eager to make use of his degree, he worked for four years in the off-shore oil industry, based in West Africa. Of his time there, Paul says: "It was a fantastic experience. I learned a great deal about myself and about the world in which we live and work."

    Eventually, looking for a more settled lifestyle, Paul returned to the UK to work as an analyst, first in the computer games industry, followed by a spell with the car rental and business travel giant Avis, where he swiftly progressed through the ranks.

    Now nine years into his Insta career, Paul is a respected member of the team, known for his dedicated and meticulous approach. 

    Guiding Motto: If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail
    Favourite Pastime: Participating in sports of all types - particularly golf and squash
    Favourite Book: Virgin King, Richard Branson biography (Tim Jackson) / Behind the Network, Autobiography (Bob Wilson)
    Faviourite Listening: Van Morrison or Coldplay
    Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

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    David Robson (Managing Director - InstaGroup Ltd)

    In 2011 Dave was appointed as Managing Director of InstaFoam and Fibre Ltd. His responsibilities cover the InstaGroup's operations in the areas of Thermal Insulation and Solar PV, together with the Snug Network, which oversees grant funding for Insta's network of 85 approved installers across the UK.

    Before going to university Dave spent a year teaching in Kenya which has given him a love of Africa. He graduated from Newcastle University in 2000 with a BA Hons degree in Politics, as well as a great affinity for the North East region and its people.

    Dave spent four years in the Civil Service, including two years working in the private office of the Immigration Ministers, Lord Rooker and Beverley Hughes MP. He then joined Walden Telecom in Byfleet, where he ran a project on the rollout of the 3G network for O2 in the South East Area.

    Dave joined Insta in 2005 as Assistant Consortium Manager. 

    Guiding Motto: Not a guiding motto but I’ve always liked Oscar Wilde’s quote: "Punctuality is the thief of time"
    Favourite Pastime: Watching Chelsea at the Bridge
    Favourite Book: The No.1 Ladies' Detective Series, Alexander McCall Smith
    Faviourite Listening: Peter Allen on Radio 5 - I love his sense of humour
    Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption
    Favourite Stage Show: Blood Brothers

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    Bruce Milne (Director - InstaGroup Ltd)

    Bruce first became involved in the insulation industry in 1973 while serving his apprenticeship as a plumber. For the next 11 years, Bruce worked for a small insulation contractor until he joined the InstaGroup in 1984 as an Installer.

    Bruce spent a number of years working as a Technical Manager for InstaFoam & Fibre Ltd before becoming General Manager in 2002. Then in 2005, he was appointed Director of InstaFoam & Fibre Limited.

    Guiding Motto: At 18 I thought I knew everything, now in my 50s I realise how little I actually do know.
    Favourite Pastime: Bruce loves to travel and says that the older he gets the longer his list of places which he wants to visit gets. He has always been a keen sportsman and since hanging up his football boots in 1996 is now spending what spare time he has with his close family and trying to reduce his golf handicap.
    Faviourite Listening: Anything from pop to classical, with the exception of no more than one jazz number on any occasion.

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    Keith Kitchener (Production Director - InstaGroup Ltd)

    Keith joined the InstaGroup in 1982 as an installer and is our longest serving employee.  Since that time he has progressed through the ranks, helping to build up our in-house Installation Division.  

    Keith is a hard working, hands on Director who has fought hard over the years to ensure he does not have his own office. Keith's experience has been instrumental in the successful development of the Group's new Solid Wall and Park Homes insulation systems.

    Guiding Motto: Qui Veut Peut (Who wants, can)
    Favourite Pastime: Watching Reading FC
    Faviourite Listening: Paul Weller
    Favourite Film: Cape Fear
    Favourite Stage Show: Joseph

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    Duonne Erasmus (Managing Director - InstaFloor SA (Pty) Ltd)

    Duonne was appointed Managing Director of InstaFloor SA (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned South African subsidiary of Insta Group Holdings Limited, in February 2011. He is responsible for the day to day running of this company which is currently focussed on the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the InstaLay, InstaGrip and InstaTile product ranges.

    After graduating from the University of Natal in South Africa with an honours degree in Geology, Duonne worked as a Soil Scientist for the Department of Agriculture in South Africa, mapping the soil types of South Africa for 5 years. He then worked for the Forests Division of the Mondi Paper Company for the next 11 years, finally heading up their natural resources and forest planning department. During this period he increased and refined his business management skills, with a particular emphasis on product development through the implementation of new and innovative technologies.

    This led him to concentrate his efforts on business development and entrepreneurship, where he came into contact with InstaCoustic Limited in 2007 and assisted them in the development and manufacture of their InstaLay 65 resilient layer, which now has Robust Detail Accreditation in the UK. He has been working with the InstaGroup on a continuous basis since December 2009, assisting the Group in the expansion of their InstaLay range, the development of their InstaTile and InstaGrip product ranges, securing manufacturing capacity for these products and establishing InstaFloor SA (Pty) Ltd. 

    Guiding Motto: Today's challenges are tomorrow's victories
    Favourite Pastime: Fishing and Wildlife
    Favourite Book: Memories of a Game Ranger, Harry Wolhuter; The Upside of Adversity, Os Hillman
    Favourite Film: Dead Poets Society

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    Michael Agathangelou (Group Finance Director)

    Michael was brought up in Fulham, South West London, where he was a regular visitor at Stamford Bridge supporting Chelsea. During his teenage years he moved to Cyprus where he completed his National Service before returning back to the UK.  Eighteen months of National Service in Cyprus taught Michael the importance of discipline and determination in achieving your goals.

    Michael has worked in Public Practice for several years and in 2008 decided to take the step into Industry and commerce. Having sat on both sides of the fence has enabled him to have a good insight from both a commercial aspect and regulatory aspect.

    Michael is one of the most recent additions to the Insta Group Management Team and his responsibilities include controlling the finances of the Insta Group and safeguarding their interests and assets.

    He believes the crux of this is achieved by knowing where every single penny has been spent and working out if the return will justify the expenditure and more.

    He believes in tight financial controls and that they are consistently applied.


    Guiding Motto: The brain is an extremely powerful tool.
    Favourite Pastime: If I'm not spending time with my Kids, then playing football and watching Chelsea beat Tottenham.
    Faviourite Listening: The late Michael Jackson
    Favourite Film: Rocky

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    Lucy Shadbolt (Director of Green Deal - InstaGroup Ltd)

    Following an education in Architecture, Lucy decided that marketing was more her thing, starting out at IBM, then on the agency side, focusing on IT marketing. Joining British Gas in 1998 just as the market de-regulated was exciting, Lucy undertook a number of marketing and operational roles, her final role heading up marketing and sales for the energy efficiency and renewables business. In 2012 Lucy joined InstaGroup to head up the set-up of Green Deal both within the business but also across the industry. It has been a huge learning curve for everyone and Lucy is really proud that InstaGroup was one of the first three Green Deal Providers to be fully operational from May 2013. There is still a lot to do working closely with DECC, Green Deal Finance Company, eTech and many market participants.

    Outside of work Lucy's interests are in keeping fit which includes running, swimming, cycling and skiing; this year Lucy completed her first triathlon and is hoping to do better next year. Lucy has a passion for wine, attending tastings where she can use the knowledge gained with her Wine Diploma. Travel is another passion and Lucy has recently taken to crossing Europe by train, which she feels has been quite liberating.

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    Shaun Smith (Business Development Director - InstaCoustic Ltd)

    Shaun joined InstaCoustic Limited in 2005 as South West Area Sales Manager. He progressed to Business Development Manager and was appointed as Business Development Director in January 2013. He is responsible for all UK and European business development activities, promoting the InstaFloor range of flooring products.

    After successful completion of his ONC in Mechanical Production Engineering at Bridgwater college Shaun has spent most of his career within the construction industry. This has included Timber Frame construction, structural timbers, high performance joinery and acoustic flooring products.

    Shaun is a proactive member of the team and firmly believes in the benefits of business networking to maximise growth in the European market place.


    Guiding Motto: Market challenges and problems are opportunities to build stronger business partnerships.
    Favourite Pastime: Riding my motorcycle and watching MotoGP/WSB.
    Favourite Book: Rocket Men
    Faviourite Listening: The Eagles
    Favourite Film: Closer to the Edge

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    John Reed (Technical Director - InstaCoustic Ltd)

    John Joined Insta Group in 1996 not long after the acoustic side was established. He was promoted to Technical Manager in 2003 and Head of Technical and Production in 2007. John was appointed Technical Director in January 2013.

    John prides himself on his acoustic knowledge and always being able to solve an acoustic problem. 

    Whilst being at Insta John has gained many health and safety qualifications and joined industry groups which has helped raise the profile of the acoustic side as well as his own.

    Guiding Motto: Be happy but never satisfied / Winning doesn't happen in straight lines
    Favourite Pastime: Rugby (supporting London Irish)
    Favourite Book: The fighting Way (Bruce Lee)
    Faviourite Listening: Biffy Clyro / Foo Fighters / Kasabian
    Favourite Film: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version)

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    Terry Evans (Technical Director - InstaGroup Ltd)

    Terry started in the insulation industry in 1976, gaining experience in a wide range of roles from installing technician through to management.  Having joined Insta in 2004 as a Technical Inspector Terry was promoted to Technical Manager in the summer of 2008 and appointed Technical Director at the beginning of 2013. As Technical Director Terry's initial focus is the transition into Green Deal, particularly in the development of the Insta Solid Wall Insulation Systems.

    Guiding Motto: Carpe Diem ("Seize the Day")
    Favourite Pastime: Spending time with my Grandchildren / I also have a particular penchant for Italian restaurants and (very occasionally) a certain Belgian beer!
    Favourite Book: Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee / Autobiographies
    Faviourite Listening: I think you could call it 'eclectic' - from Buddy Holly to Andrea Bocelli & most music in-between, depending on the mood!
    Favourite Film: Snatch

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