InstaGroup become Green Deal Providers

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

InstaGroup is among the first 22 companies to become Green Deal Providers. They are now part of a select group charged with fulfilling the Green Deal commitment to make homes warmer and cheaper to run, with no upfront cost to the homeowner.

InstaFoam & Fibre, the Group's specialist insulation and renewables company, will be responsible for meeting the Group's obligations as a Green Deal provider.

David Robson, Director of InstaGroup said "InstaGroup is delighted to be involved as a Green Deal pioneer provider. For over a decade Insta's Snug Network, 80 independent local businesses, have provided a complete range of energy efficiency improvements in their individual local communities. The Snug Network ensures customers receive the highest standards of workmanship, backed up with industry leading guarantees and warranties, but delivered by small, local businesses. As a Green Deal provider, we will ensure that the SME sector has strong representation without the need to compromise the all important consumer protection that lies at the heart of a successful Green Deal."

A Green Deal guide for Providers has been published today, detailing the authorisation process that companies must go through to become Providers. It also clarifies the standards and obligations that Providers like InstaGroup must adhere to.

The Insta Group are also a founder member of The Green Deal Finance Company and will continue to play a leading role in the final development phase of Green Deal.

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