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Through our investment in leading technology we continue to develop products that offer some of the best results available today.

InstaGroup Homes


For homes and businesses

Solutions to help homes stay warmer and enjoy the benefit of lower energy bills. We have over 30 years’ experience in improving the energy efficiency of UK homes through insulation.

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We also work with businesses, Local Authorities, landlords, councils and public buildings to help improve energy efficiency and make substantial savings.

Our insulation products include:

InstaFibre – our range of blown mineral wools and insulation quilts for use in loft spaces and cavity walls in domestic and commercial properties. InstaFibre materials and installers are fully approved by the BBA.

InstaBead – our range of purpose-made expanded polystyrene spheres manufactured to high standards to provide excellent insulation for various cavity walls. InstaBead is BBA approved. 

InstaClad – our range of external wall insulation solutions. This effective and fully weather-proof insulated panel system is fixed to the outside of the wall and improves both the look and comfort of a property. An ideal solution for ‘hard to treat’ homes.

InstaLine – our range of internal wall insulation solutions. A specialised insulated panel system fixed to the inside walls of the property. An effective alternative solution for ‘hard to treat’ homes. InstaLine and InstaClad products can be tailored to suit the property and can be used in combination to create the best results.

InstaGroup is a founding member of SWIGA (Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency) and CIGA (Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency). Installations are covered by a 25-year guarantee. We are members of the National Insulation Association (NIA) the REA (Renewable Energy Association) and the REAL Assurance Scheme.


BBA certificates

Acoustic Insulation Systems

InstaCoustic – our patented range of highly effective and environmentally friendly acoustic insulation systems for floors, walls and ceilings.

Our innovative products use recycled materials to provide outstanding sound insulation for new build, change of use and refurbishment projects.

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Flooring Solutions

InstaFloor – our range of flooring systems for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer flooring underlays and carpet tiles plus specialist sub-floor systems for sports and leisure

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InstaLay – our range of environmentally friendly acoustic underlays that can improve the performance of most types of floor covering. These innovative products use recycled rubber tyres to provide superior durability and cushioning support, plus sound reduction. An incorporated self adhesive system means they also save time and money. InstaLay is suitable for use under most carpet, wood, woven vinyl and LVT applications.

For specialised resilience and high impact indoor use, see InstaSport. These sub-floor energy absorbing systems are designed for use with all indoor sports, dance and leisure activities. Systems comply with all current Building Regulations; InstaSport sub-floors exceed the requirements of EN 14904 and BS 6399: Part 1.

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The Snug Network

The Snug Network is an organisation of independent companies that work at a local level with InstaGroup’s national and technical support. All of the installation teams are approved by InstaGroup and specially trained by the experts at our own Training Academy. All Snug Network installers are accredited by the British Board of Agrément in the UK and the Irish Agrément Board in the Republic of Ireland.

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