Solid Wall External

Improving the comfort and look of your home

InstaClad is InstaGroup’s product range for Solid Wall External insulation. It’s ideal for solid wall properties that for various reasons are termed ‘hard to treat’. These buildings lose a lot of heat through the walls, and are difficult to keep warm.

Solid Wall External insulation improves your home’s appearance as well as keeping you warmer and saving you money on your energy bills. It also improves your Energy Performance Certification should you decide to sell your home.

Installers will require access to the outside of your property. Insulation panels made up of a layer of insulating material bonded to weatherproof facing board are professionally fixed to the external walls of the property.

All InstaClad installation teams use our patented fixing method, and are professionally trained and approved by InstaGroup to deliver ‘Best Practice’ via specialised instruction at the Insta Training Academy.

InstaClad benefits: - Refurbished appearance of outer walls - Improved weatherproofing, draught-proofing and sound resistance - Underlying brickwork is protected from the elements - Reduced condensation on internal walls (can help prevent damp) - Lowers carbon emissions

InstaGroup always insist that our network member installers become SWIGA (Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency) accredited before undertaking installations. SWIGA is an independent guarantee agency that issues a 25-year guarantee that is essential under the Green Deal and ECO schemes.

Solid Wall External insulation involves fixing a layer of specifically designed panels to outside walls and covering these with special render (plasterwork) or cladding. It makes indoor rooms cosier, more draught-proof and quieter, as well as giving outstanding energy savings. There are different finishes to choose from which can significantly improve the exterior and weatherproofing of your home.

Our high quality insulation materials offer the latest in product advances, fitted by approved installation teams. We've built up a professionally accredited installation organisation across the UK called the Snug Network, with all members fully trained by us to deliver best practice, considerate service and minimal disruption in your home.

Solid Wall External insulation

  • Can save you £260 a year* on heating costs
  • Ideal for homes built without a cavity wall
  • Helps weatherproof your home
  • Minimal disruption - work takes place outside
  • Improves the look of your home
  • Fitted by skilled, accredited technicians

*Estimate based on insulating a gas-heated home on a typical semi-detached house. Figures taken from the Energy Savings Trust and are based on fuel prices as of March 2016.

InstaClad All-Weather Solid Wall Insulation

Enabling stable solid wall insulation all year round

InstaGroup now offers one of the fastest solutions for installing the highest quality external wall insulation. InstaClad All Weather System goes on whatever the weather, protecting your projects from the delays and additional costs caused by adverse conditions.

Reducing disruptions to building schedules

With faster installation, that isn’t weather dependant, you can save money on the costs of scaffolding and equipment hire. On top of all of this, our fully accredited BBA system will be waterproof within just 30 minutes.

  • New T&G modular system makes installation faster
  • Can be fitted in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +30°C
  • Easily applied render coat - rainproof within 30 minutes
  • Reduces scaffold/equipment hire time and related outlay
  • Helps keep site costs on budget
  • BBA certified and NHBC approved system

Product features

  • Meets all current building standards
  • Lightweight panels
  • Range of colours and finishes
  • Dimensional stability and impact resistant
  • Fungal resistant and A1 fire-rated
  • Modular detail available for corner coynes, window reveals/heads and constrast banding
  • Excellent sound-proofing properties
  • 25-year SWIGA Guarantee

Cold Bridging Solutions

Address heat loss and weathering in five key areas

Incorporating Cold Bridge Solutions on every EWI installation ensures 100% of the property is insulated and weather-proof. These unique solutions incorporate industry leading innovative design and the use of high performance Aerogel insulation.

All of these solutions are BBA accredited and therefore proven to be effective in reducing heat loss and therefore reduce the risk of internal condensation and mould growth in five critical thermal bridge junctions:

  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

2 Thermo-Pro™ Soil Pipe for gates and soil pipes

Fits into existing EWI systems and eliminates the disruption of removing or realigning existing pipework.


1 Thermo-Bead for external window reveals

An advanced, ultra-thin solution which ensures valuable space is retained around window and door openings.


3 Thermo-Trac Base Rail for below the DPM

Pre-finished aluminium insulated base rail with integrated damp proof membrane layer which can be easily adapted.


4 Thermo-Pro™ Eaves/Gutter for fascia and gutter box

Insulates up to roof level when there is no soffit and a gutter box, which can be used to prevent rain overspill at the bottom of the drainpipe.


5 Thermo-Flash for bay windows and wall/roof junctions

Improves look and performance of EWI installations where walls and roof meet or link.


From industry experts

Cold Bridging Solutions reduce linear thermal transmittance by over 70%

  • Raises internal surface temperatures by 2.2°C
  • Significantly reduces risk of condensation
  • Creates a healthier indoor environment
  • Ensures long-term performance for every EWI installation