Solid Wall Internal

An innovative solution to keep in the heat

InstaLine is InstaGroup’s product range for Solid Wall Internal insulation. It’s been designed specifically to insulate houses that are often termed ‘hard to treat’, for example, older properties that have no cavity walls, or those constructed with solid stone.

To give your home the best results we use advanced new technologies. InstaLine panels are designed to offer optimum thermal mass – which simply means they work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather is doing outside.

All InstaLine installation teams use our patented fixing method, and are professionally trained and approved by InstaGroup to deliver ‘Best Practice’ via specialised instruction at the Insta Training Academy.

InstaGroup always insist that our network member installers become SWIGA (Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency) accredited before undertaking installations. SWIGA is an independent guarantee agency that issues a 25-year guarantee that is essential under the Green Deal and ECO schemes.

Solid Wall Internal Insulation is a system of specialised insulation panels fitted to the inside walls of the room. It can be the ideal solution if your home is unsuitable for other types of insulation. Our no-obligation survey will find out if Solid Wall Internal insulation is recommended for your home.

Our high quality insulation materials offer the latest in product advances, fitted by approved installation teams. We've built up a professionally accredited installation organisation across the UK called the Snug Network, with all members fully trained by us to deliver best practice and considerate service in your home.

Solid Wall Internal insulation

  • Can save you £260 a year* on heating costs
  • Uses the latest advances in insulation technology
  • 'Breathable' facing panels prevent damp and moisture
  • Fitted by skilled, accredited technicians

*Estimate based on insulating a gas-heated home on a typical semi-detached house. Figures taken from the Energy Savings Trust and are based on fuel prices as of March 2016.