Internal and External Solid Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation

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The InstaLine range has been developed specifically to overcome the challenges encountered in efficiently upgrading the insulation levels of 'hard to treat' housing. It provides an unrivalled choice of energy conservation solutions that incorporate tried and tested products while introducing new technologies such as Aerogel insulation and thermal mass replacement techniques.

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External wall insulation

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Most homes built before the 1920s had solid walls without a cavity. This form of construction allows up to twice as much heat to escape compared with even an uninsulated cavity wall and means your home will be considerably more expensive to keep warm.

We have developed InstaClad specifically to overcome these problems by providing an efficient means of insulating your property. This advanced and adaptable system can be fitted to the outside of all types of homes to meet the varying needs of different building types and deliver outstanding levels of energy conservation.

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