High Performing Acoustic Insulation

InstaGroup has been a leading provider of high performance acoustic insulation for flooring, wall and ceiling systems to the construction industry for over 25 years.

Our innovative and environmentally friendly products offer specifiers and developers comprehensive, sustainable solutions for effective sound insulation on new build, conversion and refurbishment projects.

InstaGroup’s patented acoustic systems are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and independently tested to ensure they comply with, and exceed, the latest Building Regulations. Reliable and affordable, our acoustic insulation solutions offer exceptionally high levels of control against the transmission of impact and airborne sound.

A complete service

We can deliver a complete service from design through to installation, including on-site testing by independent acousticians and a full certification service to guarantee our acoustic solutions.

Our experienced in-house installation team provides a reliable supply and fix service which can include combined acoustic floor systems and underfloor heating systems. We also offer detailed technical back-up and specification support and advice on Pre-Completion Testing and compliance with Robust Details.

InstaGroup can supply on-site training for sub-contractors and supervise projects to ensure installation quality and achieve best results from acoustic insulation.

Our acknowledged expertise and experience has established our strong reputation within the construction industry and with many developers, Local Authorities and housing associations.

Our Products

Quality, expertise and innovation are at the heart of our business. Our products are designed and tested to ensure they achieve the most effective results in all circumstances.

Acoustic flooring solutions

An acoustic floating floor consists of a surface layer resting on a resilient acoustic underlay, which isolates it from the base floor and the surrounding walls.

Complying with Robust Details FFT1, 2, 3, and 4 for floating floor treatments, InstaGroup floors are manufactured to a high specification, are independently tested and proven, and will accept many proprietary finishes. The InstaLay 65 resilient layer has its own individual Robust Detail E-FC-13.

The InstaGroup solutions are also designed to comply with, and exceed, Building Regulations that apply throughout the UK. These innovative high performance systems solve the problem of impact and airborne sound transmission through timber and concrete floors.

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, our acoustic flooring solutions are available in a range of combinations and system depths and offer high standards of acoustic control.

The innovative cradle and batten systems also have the ability to be levelled on site to eliminate variations in the structural floor surface and provide access for services.

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Acoustic Ceilings

InstaGroup manufactures a comprehensive range of specialist, high performance acoustic suspended ceilings.

Our patented acoustic ceiling systems are designed to reduce high levels of impact and airborne noise between separating floors and the ceilings above properties. They provide effective sound insulation for new build, conversion and refurbishment projects. We also supply a top quality acoustic ceiling system, AC90/25FP, that is suitable for plant rooms and other high performance applications.

We offer a range of acoustic insulation systems to suit concrete and timber structural floors, all of which are compliant with the Robust Details and exceed the requirements of Building Regulations that apply throughout the UK.

To ensure the best results for sound insulation it’s vital that the correct acoustic suspended ceiling system is combined with the appropriate acoustic floor system. Ask us for advice.

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Acoustic Walls

InstaGroup manufactures a range of acoustic walls made from insulating materials which provide high levels of sound proofing. The two main wall systems are acoustic walls and anti-flanking walls.

Our acoustic wall system is designed to upgrade existing timber/masonry single skin walls. It exceeds the acoustic performance detailed within UK Building Regulations for separating walls between dwellings. Acoustic wall systems can provide improved acoustic performance around lift shafts in multi-storey apartments.

Our anti-flanking wall is designed to offer an independent wall lining that reduces the flanking path for sound through the external envelope of a building. These walls can be used in timber frame and lightweight masonry constructions.

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BOK floor system at BlackFriars Gym, London

Acoustic Cradle & Batten System (C40 & C60)

Acoustic Cradle installation, Saffron Square, London