Fenland Council, Cambridgeshire

Delivering on the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund

Fenland Housing

United Kingdom

Clarion Housing Group

Main Contractor:
United Living Property Services

Saving Energy Ltd (InstaGroup Network member)

Project Scope:
Demonstrator scheme for deep retrofit.

Retrofitting and co-ordinating:

  • Solid Wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Re-roofing
  • Solar PV installation
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Upgraded heating systems

Systems used include:

InstaClad External Wall Insulation System

InstaGroup range of cold bridging solutions

Thermo-Trac solution below the damp proof course (DPC). Unique solution approved by SWIGA as a PAS solution


This Demonstrator Project was carried out for Fenland Council as part of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) scheme to trial the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). The project is ongoing: it began prior to Wave 1 of SHDF applications opening.

The SHDF is a government strategy to improve social housing stock and help residents to avoid fuel poverty. The aim of the scheme is to meet space heating and EPC targets that will support the government’s Net Zero objectives.

Building the path to ‘whole home’ retrofit

The Demonstrator provided an opportunity to learn the best and most cost-effective energy solutions for approaching a ‘whole home’ retrofit.

InstaGroup worked closely with Network installer Saving Energy Ltd. Our combined experience and expertise meant we could offer a one-stop shop to meet the complex demands of ‘whole home’ deep retrofits.

Expert team work and collaboration

Saving Energy Ltd performed the full retrofit assessment and technical assessments, and InstaGroup delivered the Retrofit Design and Retrofit Co-Ordination. We’re present on-site throughout the project, providing full technical support and overall project management.

Effective collaboration with Danielle Belton, MD of Saving Energy Ltd, the client, the main contractor, manufacturers, installer teams and designers ensured suitable decisions were made, and different install stages could proceed smoothly and efficiently.

InstaGroup managed material supply to prevent potential delays causing issues. This also allowed effective control of on-site costs.

Making a success of PAS 2030

PAS 2030 requirements around measure sequencing interactions, air-tightness and performance modelling were resolved through InstaGroup team knowledge and capability. This was vital in ensuring we would meet the expected outcomes and adhere to the Path C requirements of PAS 2030.

Effective results from InstaGroup systems

The InstaClad External Wall Insulation System we use meets PAS 2030 regulations and does not impact operations and delivery timescales. This traditional solution incorporates adhesive and secondary mechanical fixings with the option of either Expanded Polystyrene Insulation or Rockwool insulation, supplied via our partnership with Sto.

Our range of cold bridging solutions were used throughout this project. These were vital in meeting PAS 2030 requirements and could prevent any cold spots and thermal bridges at each property.

We could also provide a Thermo-Trac solution below the damp proof course (DPC). This unique profile has achieved SWIGA approval as a PAS solution. It incorporates the starter track for the system, which can therefore be customised, along with the width of the laminated extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) to suit the thickness of the board being installed. The profile is pre-finished in powder coated aluminium and can be adapted to suit sloping ground levels. The profile is fixed to the wall substate with the same adhesive mortar used for the main insulation boards.

On track to deliver

“The scheme is on track to deliver on its primary purpose: providing warm and sustainable homes for social housing tenants while trialling innovative methods.”
BEIS spokesperson

Fenland Stats

  • 60 properties in the original Demonstrator Project scope
  • 47 properties completed by March 2022, 13 (2 small blocks and 1 house) are in progress
  • 250 properties now in Wave 1: retrofit assessments completed on 141 with enabling works underway on the first 50 plots
  • Working with Danielle Belton, MD of Network installer Saving Energy Ltd
  • Team work and expert co-ordination at all levels ensured results
  • Engaged with client to understand the project requirements, targets and goals
  • The Fenland Council project is one of the most successful carried out under the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator