Insta Group environmental policy

What we do

We provide specialist services to the energy efficiency, house building and construction industries.

Our services

We supply and install insulation materials with associated technical and energy efficiency advice. We offer Solid Wall insulation (external and internal), Cavity Wall insulation, Loft insulation and insulation systems for Park Homes.

We supply and install acoustic insulation systems and supply environmentally friendly underlays to improve the performance of flooring. We also install specialist sub-floor systems for sports and leisure facilities.

We install and service heating and hot water systems, gas boilers and vented and unvented hot water systems.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service, quality, value. We’re committed to complete satisfaction of contract completion.

A sustainable business

We are a socially responsible organisation that cares for the environment. Our acoustic and sports floor systems and our flooring underlays are manufactured using rubber crumb from recycled tyres. All the timber we use is from sustainably managed sources. Our mineral fibre insulation uses the highest possible level of recycled material.

Meeting ISO standards

We continually drive to develop our skills and technology to improve the quality and performance of products, control environmental impact and manage health and safety.

We meet the international standards ISO9001 for quality management and ISO14001 for environmental controls.

We recognise that our business must maintain and continually improve its environmental management. This is reflected in our ongoing programme of management audits, reviews and improvement targets.

Throughout the organisation we:

  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements to which we subscribe
  • Identify objectives relevant to both quality and environmental management
  • Determine controls to reduce any potential pollution from our business activities
  • Find opportunities to generate a positive impact on the environment by supporting our customers in improving their energy efficiency and achieving energy savings

We actively communicate our environmental policy to all of our employees and to people working for, or on behalf of, the Insta Group.

The success of our Policy rests on the commitment of everyone working within the Group.

Timber from sustainable sources

Rubber crumb

Rubber crumb from recycled tyres

Mineral fibre from recycled glass

We help to make domestic and commercial buildings fit for the future

We deliver market-leading products and innovations in flooring and insulation

We provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for homes and businesses