High performance Flooring Solutions

We’ve been providing high performance acoustic underlays, raised acoustic flooring and sprung sports and leisure floors for over 25 years. As one of the leaders in our area we continue to develop high quality and environmentally responsible products for specific flooring applications.

The majority of our innovative and durable flooring solutions are manufactured using recycled rubber crumb obtained from used truck and car tyres. This not only makes them environmentally friendly, it gives them superior acoustic properties, excellent impact energy absorption and exceptional cushioning and underfoot comfort.

Our reputation for quality, expertise and innovation means that our professionally designed and rigorously tested acoustic flooring solutions are used worldwide in all types of building.

Our Products

Our cost-effective acoustic floor systems can achieve successful results for all required applications.

Ezy-Install – Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic flooring Ezy-Install® is unique. Our award-winning magnetic underlay incorporates powerful dual-bond technology for maximum resilience. No wet adhesives, no mess, and no waiting. The future of flooring is here.

Delivers double the grip

Magnetic flooring Ezy-Install, developed in collaboration with technology company IOBAC, is twice as smart. Our unique magnetic flooring underlay combines IOBAC’s intelligent dry tack adhesion with magnetic force, effectively doubling the attraction between the underlay and the floor covering.

This extra resilience makes our magnetic flooring system ideal for commercial applications where other magnetic underlays may struggle to perform.

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InstaLay – Self-Adhesive Underlay

Quick and clean to install and immediately ready to walk on, our unique self-adhesive acoustic underlay is transforming the way floors are installed.

InstaLay – the flooring revolution starts here

With our unique self-adhesive underlay there’s less need for expensive and messy subfloor preparation, and no more contaminating, wet adhesives. You can complete floors in a fraction of the time compared to old installation methods.

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InstaSport – Sports flooring, sprung floors and dance floors

Sprung floors, dance floors and sports and fitness floors designed to deliver decades of dynamic performance.

Proven experience in sports floors

InstaFloor sports floors, sprung flooring and dance and fitness floors are built to last. Our sports cradle system is guaranteed to absorb and withstand the repeated impacts, shocks and knocks of high energy activity for an impressive 60 years. Our patented design uses recycled rubber crumb components to effectively cushion against injury, enhance performance and alleviate fatigue.

We have over 30 years of experience in supplying sprung floors, fitness flooring and gym subfloors. Our multi-sports systems are used in sports halls and facilities all over Europe. See our case studies.

To find out more about our installing our specialised sports and sprung flooring see how we work together with our flooring partners, contact us or call us on 0118 973 9560.

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Gym and Fitness Flooring

Gym and fitness flooring for wherever people workout, lift weights or exercise.

Specialist flooring solutions for gyms and fitness

InstaFloor supply rubber gym mats, weight mats and gym flooring for commercial gyms, sports clubs and home gyms. Our robust systems can tackle high impact areas used for weightlifting and exercise machines, and enhance the visual appeal and safety of workout facilities and fitness studios. All of our flooring for gyms is environmentally-friendly and manufactured from high quality recycled rubber crumb.

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Acoustic Subfloor Systems

Quick to install and easily levelled onsite, our acoustic subfloor systems are used all over the world.

100% recycled, 100% effective

We offer two acoustic subfloor systems: InstaCradle is our specialised acoustic subfloor for commercial gyms, and EcoCradle is our acoustic system for use with outside decking. They’re both environmentally-friendly, easy to install and proven to reduce sound and impact.

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InstaTile  – sound impact reducing gym flooring

InstaLay – self-adhesive installation system

InstaSport  – high performance sprung sports flooring