InstaGroup Floors

We’re known worldwide for our quality and technical expertise in flooring and floor design. We offer some of the most innovative flooring products available in the UK, including self-adhesive acoustic underlays and magnetic flooring systems.

Our business

We have over 25 years of experience in developing flooring systems. We’re committed to reducing waste and contamination in the flooring industry, and our objective is to bring more sustainable flooring products to market. We manufacture many of our current flooring systems using recycled materials.

We supply flooring systems for residential, retail, gyms, sports halls, stadiums and commercial settings. Our environmentally-friendly products include self-adhesive acoustic underlays, magnetic acoustic flooring systems, acoustic subfloors, specialised sports floors, gym flooring and sprung floors.

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Our products

Self-adhesive underlay

InstaLay - Self-adhesive acoustic underlay

InstaLay removes the need for expensive and time-consuming subfloor preparation and contaminating, wet adhesives. Our self-adhesive acoustic underlays are compatible with a variety of floor coverings from leading manufacturers, including wood, laminate, LVTs and carpet. Floor coverings are laid directly on to InstaLay, making installations quicker and cleaner. No drying time and superior resilience makes InstaLay suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

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Magnetic flooring

Ezy-Install - Magnetic Flooring

Ezy-Install is our unique magnetic acoustic underlay, developed in partnership with technologies company IOBAC. Ezy-Install combines intelligent dry tack adhesion with magnetic force, effectively doubling the attraction between the underlay and the floor covering. This exceptional dual magnetic grip delivers a stronger bond for areas of high foot fall. Maximum resilience with minimum downtime at installation makes our magnetic flooring ideal for retail, hospitality, workspaces and accommodation.

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Architects and Interior Designers

We can provide expert advice and support on designing and specifying flooring for all commercial and residential applications. Our working partnerships with leading floor covering manufacturers prevent any issues with product compatibility or warranties, ensuring a complete, high-quality solution. We offer a set of technical specifications for download, ready for use in proposals and tender documents.

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InstaFloor Gym
Commercial Gyms and Developers

We have years of experience in gym flooring, and can give specialised advice on floor system design for all types of gym activities, indoor sports and exercise. Our expertise includes the installation of acoustic subfloor systems that can provide effective acoustic isolation and reduce sound impact in buildings that share use with residential, business, hospitality and retail units.

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InstaFloor Contractors
Commercial Contractors

InstaFloor can deliver a quick and clean flooring solution for busy areas in hospitality, retail, accommodation and work environments. Our dry-adhesive acoustic underlays and magnetic systems reduce installation time to a minimum, creating attractive floors ready for immediate use. Our eco-friendly products provide underfoot comfort, offer guaranteed resilience, and make flooring recyclable and reusable.

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