Cavity Wall

A simple way to save energy and money

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Cavity Wall insulation suits the needs of homes built with two external brick or block walls. It’s the gap or cavity between the walls that is filled with insulation material to cut down heat loss.

To start the process, a fully qualified InstaGroup surveyor will carry out a no obligation survey to record all the features of your property. He will carefully drill a hole in your wall to assess your properties requirements.

At installation, the technician will follow a pre-determined pattern along the outside of your walls, drilling a series of small (26mm) holes through the mortar of the brickwork to reach the cavity inside.

The specified insulation material is then blown into the wall cavity through these holes, using a blowing machine. The material we use is free-flowing, to ensure the complete filling of the inside cavity.

In the case of Instabead, the hose and injection gun coats the beads lightly with an adhesive as they are inserted. This bonds the beads together, trapping air between them to achieve maximum thermal performance and ensuring longterm stability.

Our installers use only InstaGroup insulation materials, which are both British Standard and BBA approved. Under the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency scheme (CIGA) our cavity wall insulation is guaranteed for 25 years. Once the insulation is installed, your guarantee will be registered and a certificate will be sent to you.

Cavity Wall Insulation is designed to fill the gap or cavity between the two layers of brick that make up the outside walls of a building. It can come in the form of a special insulating mineral fibre or beads, and it's designed to stop heat loss through walls, keeping you warmer and saving you money on household bills.

Our high quality insulation materials offer the latest in product advances, fitted by BBA approved installation teams. We've built up a professionally accredited installation organisation across the UK called the Snug Network, with all members fully trained by us to deliver best practice, considerate service and minimal disruption in your home.

Cavity Wall insulation

  • Can save you £155 a year* on heating costs
  • Designed for homes built with a wall cavity
  • Saves 35% of heat currently lost through un-insulated walls
  • Pays for itself in under 4 years
  • Fitted by skilled, accredited technicians

*This estimated figure is based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home. Figures are based on fuel prices as of March 2016 from the Energy Saving Trust.