Loft Insulation

Lock in 25% of the heat currently lost through your roof

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InstaFibre is InstaGroup’s product range for Loft insulation. It creates a thermal barrier in the attic or loft space that reduces the amount of heat lost through the roof.

Insulating the loft or attic – or topping up insulation to the required standards – is a simple and effective way to immediately stop a quarter of your warmth from being wasted. It means you can turn down the heating, still keep warm, and above all reduce your heating bills.

InstaGroup produces its own high quality insulating materials to exacting standards. InstaFibre products are made from natural products and are non-toxic, with no chemical additives. They will not deteriorate with age and have the added advantage of acting as a fire retardant in your home.

Our specialist installation teams are trained to work efficiently and considerately around your home to minimize any disruption. They will need access through your home to carry insulation material to the loft hatch, but installation takes just 2 hours for the average 3-bedroom home.

InstaFibre benefits: Feel warmer and save 25% of your heating Allows you to turn down the heating and still keep warm Simple to install Will last for at least 40 years

Heat rises, and in an un-insulated home that means a quarter of the warmth is lost straight away, through the roof. Laying a blanket of specialised insulation material in the loft or attic creates a barrier that reduces this heat loss. It's a simple and effective way to feel warmer at home and save on your heating bills.

Our high quality insulation materials offer the latest in product advances, fitted by skilled installation teams. We've built up a professionally accredited installation organisation across the UK called the Snug Network, and all members are committed to delivering best practice, considerate service and minimal disrution in your home.

Loft insulation

  • Can save you around £140 a year* on heating costs
  • Effective for the life of the building
  • Will pay for iself in 2-5 years (depending on size of your loft/roof space and density of fibre required)
  • Fire retardant
  • Fitted by skilled installers

*Estimates based on insulating a semi-detached, gas-heated home with a totally uninsulated loft. Figures are based on fuel prices as of March 2016, sourced through Energy Saving Trust.