Retrofit Co-ordination Service

Our InstaPAS service streamlines funded installs

InstaGroup was one of the first to introduce a dedicated retrofit co-ordination service. Our streamlined service includes qualified Retrofit Co-Ordinators and Designers who can sign off designs, installations and works under funding schemes such as ECO, LAD and SHDF.

Since 2020 we’ve been supporting the Network and fulfilling installs all over the UK through our cutting-edge InstaPAS service.

Find out more about our ongoing Demonstrator Project for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). This scheme is being trialled by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and forms part of the government’s strategy to improve social housing stock and help residents avoid fuel poverty, while supporting EPC targets and Net Zero objectives.

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Straightforward digital sign-off for retrofit

The InstaPAS service reduces the compliancy process from hours to minutes by using digital documentation.

  • Easy to use iPad surveying app and PAS hub co-ordination cuts through the complexities of PAS 2035 regulations
  • InstaGroup’s qualified retrofit co-ordinators cover all UK areas and can directly sign off surveys and designs through the InstaPAS app and PAS hub
  • Reduces delays, admin time and human error
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Simplified from survey to sign-off

Mobile app at survey

  • Retrofit assessor uses InstaPAS software to collect on-site information
  • PAS 2035 and ECO4 compliant surveys and documents are generated on the InstaPAS app
  • Features include integrated floor plan app

Submits report

  • Submits survey and designs to the PAS hub
  • Integration with Trustmark’s Data Warehouse

Desktop support

  • InstaPAS desktop software works seamlessly with the app
  • InstaGroup’s retrofit co-ordinator reviews survey, assessment and design
  • Models and generates improvement and evaluation reports
  • Signs off for install under all funded works

Lodge to TrustMark in 2 clicks

Lodged directly to the TrustMark Data Warehouse

InstaPAS software was developed with industry specialists CoreLogic

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