Solar PV Panel Installation

InstaGroup have over 30 years of experience working in the energy efficiency industry. InstaGen was created to develop and install renewable energy measures. In this time InstaGen has worked predominantly in the domestic market, however more recently we have been heavily involved in the commercial and public sectors. See some of our Case Studies  for example of the work we have recently done.

Why Choose Us?

  • mapNationwide Coverage
    InstaGroup have built up a network of over 85 companies who work within the Snug Network. For over 20 years the Snug Network have been working with us installing various types of energy efficiency measures throughout the UK. The motto is 'Local, Greener, Better' it is often used to describe the working relationship and the customer knows that no matter where they are located, InstaGen will use one of its local installers to perform the work.
  • Accreditations
    InstaGen have been MCS and ReaL accredited installers for many years now, we ensure all of our network are trained and accredited to the highest standard also. Training is done through one of our partners' academy, The Green Energy Training Centre. InstaGen are also proud to be certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Products and Warranties
    We ensure that all the products we use are of the highest quality and have very good warranties or have the ability to extend warranties. Solar PV system is a long term investment and we want to ensure the customer is protected the best way possible. Therefore the panels which we recommend are our own manufactured InstaGen 250w monocrystalline solar modules; these have a market leading warranty of 12 years, 25 years guarantee on minimum power output, 12 years performance guarantee on 90% power output and 25 years performance guarantee on 80% power output.

    The inverter is a key component to any Solar PV system. The Austrian manufacturer which we recommend has a warranty of 6 years; however the customer has the ability to extend the length of the warranty to 20 years for the price of 10 years. We design every Solar system bespoke as no two systems are the same.
  • Customer Care
    InstaGroup are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the business. InstaGen have a dedication team who are on hand to answer calls, arrange site visits and to help with any queries customers may have about any part of the installation. You can read what our customers have to say.