We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying insulation systems.

InstaClad is our high performing External Wall insulation system. It effectively refurbishes solid wall properties, improving energy efficiency and warming up homes for residents. It’s been successfully installed on thousands of properties including various housing upgrade projects.

InstaClad has Innovation status with a 25% uplift

InstaClad has been awarded Innovation status with a 25% uplift for funding in ECO4 and the Great British Insulation Scheme. This is in recognition of the system’s 60-year durability and the post-install technical support provided. InstaClad demonstrates an improvement over other measures currently deliverable under ECO.

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The 25% uplift in ECO funding means InstaClad can be installed on Social Housing with an EPC at level D.

BBA-approved system

InstaClad systems are made up of white or grey expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation boards mechanically fixed with supplementary adhesive, a reinforced basecoat and render finishes.

The system is suitable for use on the outside of external masonry walls of both new and existing domestic and non-domestic buildings.

InstaClad delivers a hard-wearing and durable result. The system offers a wide range of colours and attractive finishes, including silicone render, brick effect and dash. Other finishes are available on request.

We can also provide mineral fibre insulation board.




Product benefits

  • InstaClad systems are used to improve the thermal performance of external walls and can contribute to the requirements of national Building Regulations
  • Will adequately resist wind loads and impact damage (impact resistance is dependent on the chosen finish)
  • Reduces the risk of internal and surface condensation
  • When installed and maintained as recommended, the EPS/Mineral Fibre systems will remain effective for at least 30 years. Durability can be further extended to 60 years with the use of different fixings and by following a planned inspection and maintenance schedule


EWI System Diagram

InstaClad EWI System Components:

  1. Substrate
  2. Adhesive mortar
  3. EPS/Mineral fibre insulation board
  4. Supplementary mechanical
    dowel fixings
  5. Mineralic reinforcing coat
    (Glass fibre reinforcing mesh embedded
    into the mineralic reinforcing coat)
  6. Primer
  7. Silicone render, dash or brick slip finish

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