The path towards Net Zero

The path towards Net Zero

InstaGroup develops and manufactures products and technologies that reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.
Our business operations use sustainably sourced and recycled materials wherever possible.

wooden batten

We’re reducing the impact of construction

Our patented cradle and batten flooring uses no concrete screed, reducing the environmental impact of construction.

cuts transportation and energy use

reduces water use on-site

reduces carbon dioxide emissions

lowers the levels of embodied carbon used in construction

lightweight system reduces the structural loadings on the building

wooden components are manufactured from traceable sources of timber obtained from FSC® certified sustainable forests and other controlled sources



Our business is built on re-using and recycling

We’ve successfully taken on the challenge of recycling rubber tyres. Truck tyres are commonly used for just a few months before being dumped as landfill. Through our rubber crumb flooring we have developed one of the few ways of re-using worn tyres, providing valuable solutions that will last the lifetime of a building.

lowers the carbon intensity of tyres

prevents landfill waste: our recent projects at South Quay Plaza and Sheffield used the equivalent of over 13,500 car tyres.

our rubber crumb products last for decades and can be recycled again, without losing their integrity or quality

We’ve developed a method to recycle UPVC window frames as an alternative to the wooden battens used in our flooring.

Our dry-adhesive flooring makes it easier to recycle and re-use flooring while reducing contamination and waste.


Tackling the climate emergency

InstaGroup is working at the forefront to tackle the climate crisis. We provide practical support all over the UK to help decarbonise buildings and put us on the path towards Net Zero.

We are investing in the development of new heating and thermal technology that will cut carbon emissions, save energy and reduce pollution.

We supply and install the latest in solar technology, and we’re getting ready to offer low carbon alternatives for heating such as air heat pumps.

We’re investigating the potential of new products such as electrically heated floor and wall tiles.

Our environmental management system is certified ISO 14001.

Our Net Zero strategy

We recycle, re-use and look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our business operations.

We are working on publishing our Net Zero Pledge.