InstaGroup has been trusted for quality material supply for over 40 years, with an established reputation in renewable energy.

We’re a leading supplier in the UK solar market through our InstaGen solar PV panels, and we’ve now built on our expertise to develop a complete solar solution.

InstaGen – your one-stop shop for solar

  • All-in-one solar PV system: fully-compatible panels, energy storage batteries and inverters
  • UK-based company – trusted InstaGroup quality backed by guarantees of up to 12 years
  • Expert technical support for system design, build and meeting MCS compliance requirements
  • Reliable material supply
InstaGen Solar System

Solar made smart and simple

InstaGen offers everything you need to grow your solar business. Our complete solar package makes system design, installation and connectivity simpler and more straightforward. We can also offer support on the compliance requirements associated with MCS regulations.

PV Panel

410/435 watt solar panels

  • Straightforward connection
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Linear output power warranties



3.6kW inverter

  • Fully-integrates with system
  • Hybrid inverters are versatile and can be used with or without solar for battery energy storage



5kWh low voltage battery system

  • BMS and storage connects wire-free for easy installation or expansion
  • Minimalist, compact design ideal for domestic properties


Customer-friendly software*

  • Connects to user-friendly app via Wi-fi/Bluetooth for smart energy management
  • Software flags up any issues on the system and notifies the installer or customer remotely
  • Customer can easily track outputs and carbon savings

*Security updates will be provided for this product for 10 years from date of installation

InstaGen mobile app

Trust InstaGroup experience

Supported guarantees of up to 12 years

InstaGen is a British quality-controlled solar and energy storage brand you and your customers can trust. Our batteries and inverters are covered by our 10-year supported guarantee, and our durable solar panels have a 12-year guarantee with a projected lifespan of 25 years.

One solar solution – one professional reassurance

InstaGen represents the latest in solar technology in one complete package, backed by the technical support and reassurance of the InstaGroup guarantee.